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Tryptaze: (EC, )

The most abundant secretory granule-derived serine proteinase contained in mast cells and has been used as a marker for mast cell activation.

This electronic funk duo debut their first video for their track 'Just Like Alice' which you can

find on their EP 'People, Places, Thangs'. The editors here at Iru are loving the sound. The two

are definitely adding a new sound to the New England area. 'Just like Alice' starts with a sweet

melody, and when the beat takes flight it gets funky. Its retro disco sound is the perfect dance

tune for you and your crew to get free and jazzy.

We got to sit with WisCa and BryRo of Tryptaze and pick their brain a little bit.

Tell us what's different about the sound of Tryptaze especially in the New England area?

"We call it electronic funk. It's a dope mix of jazz, and electric. We use a lot of synths that would take the place of jazz instruments." WisCa explained

"It's all definitely about the hype, the dope sauce and a little sriracha." they Joked.

What can the fans expect when it comes to the performances?

"We are definitely super energetic, our shows will be more interactive." WisCa explains

"Since its just two of us we have more time to focus on the execution of the performance and make sure we can do it dopely" ByRon Says

How are you guys keeping yourselves relevant in the music scene right now?

"We spend a lot of time in the Lowell music scene, and there its innovative as hell. People are always making new things and finding new ways to maneuver into the existing sound" WisCa explains

What would say as word of wisdom for artist who are trying to do something that is different?

"You just gotta start, you just got to focus on what you wanna do" WisCa Says

"You don't want to do something that other people want you to do cause people are gonna notice if you're not feeling it" BryRo adds.