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Iru Magazine - Jus Beatz


Jus Beatz, a 22-year-old rapper from New Haven, has devoted his life to music

since he was a child. Now, his music is played on radio stations from California to New

York. Jus has a refreshing sound unique unto himself. In an era of mumble rappers he

possesses sophisticated lyrical prowess, which he showed recently on The New MVMT on Hot

97. Now his long-awaited album is being crafted as we speak and his fans will soon have a

lasting piece of art from the tenacious rapper.

Jus Beatz is no novice to rapping. He’s been involved in the craft in one way or another

since the age of 2. Unlike most artists, he was rapping before he could say a sentence and

always possessed rhythm and flow. He started recording music with his brothers at the age of 6,

and knew since then that he never wanted to work in any other industry.

Now Jus Beatz is the owner of C.O.D.E. His own record label which he started with his

brothers, and friends.

As Jus told me, C.O.D.E. stands for "conquer our dreams every day." People often refer to the

“code of the streets,” Jus took that term and flipped it into an acronym. Jus went on to further

elaborate on C.O.D.E. the motto that he lives by:

“I live by the motto conquer your dream every day. Never put limits on yourself or

anyone else either. People that you don't think will make it will make it. Just because you

have the resources doesn't mean you're gonna make it. That's why you can't count

people from terrible situations out, because they might have a better work ethic. People are

contingent upon using the Illuminati as an excuse for other people’s success; the idea

that they needed to sacrifice someone for success. When the reality is they probably

used that situation [of losing someone] to fuel them towards success. Someone who is

confident and has bad art will be more successful than someone who is talented but has

no self-esteem. Someone who's confident will eventually make it, they have the drive ”

A constant theme throughout the music of Jus Beatz is overcoming obstacles. As he

said, “There are obstacles with every person, every community, and in relationships. Any song I

have, it’s gonna have a message towards it.”

//Aisha Marie Sho @Shaka_Sho