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Iru Magazine - Cartel: Blakuma and Christ Dillinger

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Cartel is a new group of creative artists ready to take the rap industry by storm. I met with two of its members Blakuma and Christ Dillinger, who also happen to be brothers, in their hometown of Bridgeport, CT.

Although they started rapping not long ago, Blakuma and Christ Dillinger are already earning notoriety and respect from the music scenes of both New York and Connecticut. Far from your standard trap music, Cartel has developed their own sound, one that’s derived from a variety of musical influences. Their biggest inspiration being Gucci Mane, due to his resourcefulness and unrivaled work ethic.

                When asked to describe their sound Christ and Blakuma were unanimous in their words, describing it as a culmination of different styles; their own unique blend of music. They labeled their music as “multi-genre, head banger music, heavy, and trap/rap.” With a smirk on his face Christ said when it comes to his music, “ It Makes people want to destroy things, positively.” Blakuma described their fresh sound slightly differently stating, “It represents controlled chaos.”Christ Dillinger and Blakuma mix their rap sound with elements of grime and heavy metal. But for the most part, “We pretty much do our own thing, without outside influences,” as Christ stated.

With names like Christ Dillinger and Blakuma, I had to know where the names originated. Blakuma, an avid fan of video games, said that his name developed as a representation of the way he looks and acts, which is similar to the character Kuma from the game Street Fighter. During the interview I mentioned that Blakuma seemed very calm, and not like the angry fighting bear represented by his name. Christ quoted Blakuma from earlier, reiterating that they were about, “Controlled chaos.”

Christ’s reasoning was a little more in depth. He replied, “Technically my name is not Christ, Christ is a title. Dillinger is my name. So it’s Christ Dillinger. Cause I’m the savior, you know what I mean?” Christ explained that for him the name Dillinger represents the spirit of John Dillinger, infamous for his knack of outwitting the police and evading captivity. He elaborated further on the origin of his name, “You know, it’s like a saving gun. It’s a combination of a lot of different elements.”

Blakuma and Christ‘s main goal is to become legendary. When asked what being a legend meant to him, Blakuma replied, “A name that everybody knows, and respects. Respect is key.” Blakuma and Christ Dillinger were very insistent on the value they placed on being respected and putting their city, Bridgeport, CT on the map. Blakuma explained that both he and Christ are proud of where they come from, citing the cultural diversity of Bridgeport as part of its allure.

    Although Christ Dillinger is the newer member, he’s no stranger to music. By age 13 he taught himself how to play number of instruments, guitar, violin, viola, bass, cello, drums, and  piano. When asked why he would prefer to be a rapper than to make traditional or classic music, He replied, “Because being classic isn’t original.” Originality is clearly very important to Cartel and it is this creative spirit which will propel them into becoming the legends they wish to be.

//Aisha Marie Sho @Shaka_Sho


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