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Iru Magazine - Farrah Blake

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Farrah Blake is a blogger, mother, event planner, food connoisseur, and marijuana supporter. Her story is one rich with the darkness of adversity and the strength of overcoming affliction.Growing up in New Jersey, Farrah’s first job was at her mother’s diner which specialized in Southern Comfort cooking. Drawing from her roots, Farrah now makes Southern Comfort food with a healthy twist; for instance she’ll use coconut oil instead of canola. She has also been fortunate enough to combine two passions into one; the love of food and love of cannabis with specialized infused cuisine.

Well before Farrah was known as a blogger or event planner, she was a model. Blessed with good looks, in her teenage years Farrah had aspirations to become a model. She pursued her dream with some success, booking a shoot for G-Unit and local boutiques until she was confronted with a harsh reality for many women pursuing careers in modeling;she had to compromise her morals. Farrah was literally told by certain photographers that they could talk about shooting once she got her followers up. Not only that, but Farrah soon realised that those who were eager to shoot her would only do so if she wore a barely there g-string or bikini. Not one to bend easily, Farrah pressed on to pursue other ventures.



Becoming a Pot Parent

Before anyone could tell Farrah’s narrative for her she wanted to do it herself, she wanted her son to know her stance on cannabis and why she had chosen to use it. As an avid consumer of cannabis, Farrah researched extensively the pros and cons of being a pot parent. During her research she found that not many women of color, particularly mothers, speak out on public platforms in support of cannabis. Not surprisingly, she found ample amounts of data backing her theory that pot parenting was not nearly as bad as some would have us think. In no way is Farrah in favor of reckless behavior - but just as any mom can enjoy a glass of wine before bed, so too can a mom enjoy a joint.



Farrah started her blog in an effort to showcase her writing, but it turned into an emotional outlet. She combined the two things she had always loved in her life; cannabis and food. Being that she was a new mother, Farrah decided to contribute her thoughts on motherhood to her new blog, and demonstrate that one can be a responsible parent while also being a user of cannabis.

Farrah published and edited her own blog, but also wrote as a guest blogger for Push Magazine. She wrote an article for Push on being a pot parent - it became the most controversial article they’d ever had.

She had hoped that other pot parents would rally to her side in support of one who spoke out about the benefits of cannabis. Much to Farrah’s dismay, she soon realized the backlash she would face for trying to take a stand against close minded notions that consuming cannabis somehow makes you inadequate in all other aspects of life, specifically parenting.

Although being a “pot parent” is a rising trend among citizens of the U.S. (most notably in California) embracing it publically is still frowned upon in many states and many communities. Readers of Push Magazine would contact her with the audacity to say such rude and hurtful things as, “You don’t deserve to be a parent.” The backlash spiraled Farrah into a depression, causing her to retreat from writing altogether.


What turned it all around?

What turned this around was the support Farrah received from those closest to her. As Farrah so elegantly put it, “The people who were close to me, like my mom, mentor and close friends, gave me praise and positive feedback. The backlash only came from ignorant internet trolls who still think weed is a gateway drug.”

To sum up her experience, Farrah has learned from the adversity she’s faced. She has learned to stand her ground regardless of the hate presented to her, and she has learned to speak her truth. What works for her may not work for everyone and that’s okay; she’s not trying to make you be just like her - like all of us she just wants to be understood without being judged.


Farrah has since found a way to combine her love of cannabis and love of food into one unique lane. She began working with Brown Box, a catering company specializing in cannabis infused cuisine. Located in New Jersey and serving the tri-state area, Brown Box is one of the few female owned cannabis infused catering businesses in the country. Women openly supporting cannabis are few and far between, particularly women of color. It’s important to Farrah to not only work for a company she believes in, but to also work for a woman who supports the same ideology and freedom of speech as she does. You can order catered meals or just join the party, by visiting Brown Box on Instagram at @brwnbox

//Aisha Marie Sho @Shaka_Sho

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