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Iru Magazine - Abba Cudney


Abba Cudney

Iru magazine personally list Abba as one of our favorite artist to follow. The past year has been good to

her. Her persistence and humble being definitely opened doors for bigger and better things and Iru was

glad to get the opportunity to speak with her. Abba is a graduate of the New England School of Art. Her

works document specific moments through figurative works, and interior space.

"I would say around my senior year in college is when I could consider myself an artist. I have done art

since I was little and even in high school but senior year definitely felt official, I got my studio space, we

had to begin preparing for a show and the shows really helped everything flow for me as an artist." she


She shared with us what really influenced her to pretty much capture moments and make them intangible

but seemingly present.

"What started my interior stuff was my sophomore year in college. I had just moved into a new apartment

and the chaos of how we lived and being in art school, just the environment at that time, I really wanted

to document it." She says.

"I liked painting from life a lot, so i'd sketch or take a photo, and then I'd bring it into the studio and i

would paint some from the actual photo, but then I would do some of it from memory. Some of my work

has an unfinished look so that it creates the feel of being a memory" she explains.

"Sometimes i get frustrated and i walk away because it's not done, and it's not in front of me" she says.

"But I try to get a base layer of something and see where it's going and that normally motivates me to

keep coming back to it." she continues

We finished up but asking her for some words of wisdom for upcoming artist who are just graduating or

haven't attended school: "Personally I experienced, when i got out of college, i wasn't immersed. I found

that it was easier to get down on myself, not like there is no hope, but it's hard to get yourself out there."

she says. "If you keep making work for yourself and it's what you want to make, things will start to

happen, Because after a while, I started getting offers to do shows, and murals. Things do fall into place

if you keep pushing yourself, as long as you are doing it for you"